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Building Department

The Building Department provides customer service to anyone in need of assistance related to planning and development projects, rental inspection services, including all administrative accountability, in addition to the inspections and guidance related to development and construction.

The staff has provided pre-development input for code requirements and other needed details to professional architects, engineers and developers for various projects. They also provide inspection support and services to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Department to meet its program goals and requirements.

The Building Inspection Services Division handles issues and questions pertaining to code enforcement and contractor issues.

The Building Department handles the assurance of all types of construction permits.

Permits & Applications

Inspections, Fees, & Zoning

What Requires a Permit?

Construction Requiring a Permit: 

  • New Construction 
  • Addition(s)
  • Remodel
  • Repair
  • Interior/Partial Demolition
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Swimming Pool
  • Roofing
  • Fence/Accessory Structure
  • Demolitions
  • To obtain a Construction Permit, please contact our Administrative Assistant at: 256-231-7720.

Work in a Historic District

A Certificate of Appropriateness or COA, is a permit that is required for: Additions, Alterations, Rehabilitations, Restorations, and/or Relocations that take place in Anniston’s Historic Districts.

There are four (4) Historic Districts in Anniston. They are as follows: 


The Building & Safety Division Administrative Assistant will assist citizens in filling out their COA’s, as well as handle any questions regarding COA’s at: 256-231-7720.

Please note however, if your work is “Preventative Maintenance,” such as repairing a leaking roof or some other type of regular and/or routine maintenance of equipment and/or assets, in order to keep them running or structurally safe, then a COA may not be required. To ensure if your project qualifies as Preventative Maintenance, please contact at: 256-231-7720.

To view the Design Guidelines for the historic districts mentioned above, please follow these links:

In addition to the guidelines above, please be sure to take note of the Historic Paint Color Palette, which lists all approved paint colors for buildings in our historic districts. 

Forms, Permits, & Guidelines

Video Tutorials


Jason Brown | Fire Marshal | 256-231-7650 | jkbrown@annistonal.gov

Tana Bryant | Senior Code Enforcement Officer | 256-231-7733 | tbryant@annistonal.gov

Lawrence Mercer | Code Enforcement Officer | 256-241-7161 | lmercer@annistonal.gov

Technical Inspector | 256-283-4226 

Lee Willis | Building Inspections Supervisor | 256-231-7724 | lwillis@annistonal.gov

Shelby Shiflett | Administrative Assistant | 256-231-7720 | sshiflett@annistonal.gov