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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement provides enforcement for all nuisance complaints and can investigate and prosecute violations dealing with the City of Anniston Codes that govern: illegal dumping, signage, nuisances such as junk vehicles and overgrown lots, housing standards, trash cans, residential and commercial zoning.

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of municipal and technical codes. Abandoned/disabled vehicles, lot cleaning, tractor-trailer parking, signs on the right-of-way, construction projects without a permit, demolitions of substandard and/or dangerous structures are just some of the items handled by the Code Enforcement Department.

The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to enhance the quality of life and economy of Anniston by enforcing regulations that preserve and protect neighborhoods. The department promotes voluntary compliance by establishing partnerships with citizens, community groups, and other agencies. Part of that establishment comes in the form of community meetings where citizens are educated about the aforementioned code requirements.


Nuisance/Code Violation | Report Portal

Nuisance/Code Violation Report

Below, citizens may contact our Code Enforcement Department, via email, with any Nuisance or Code Violation that they would like to report:

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Rental Inspections

Rental Inspections:

  • In the City of Anniston, Rental Property must be Inspected once a year.
  • This Inspection is Free if the property is vacant.
  • The Inspection will cost $100.00 if the property is (or was very recently) occupied. 
  • Rental Inspections, once completed, are good for One Full Year. A new inspection will need to be done once the property becomes vacant a year from the date of the initial inspection.
  • To Request a Rental Inspection, please contact our Senior Code Enforcement Officer, Tana Bryant at: 256-231-7733.

Short-Term Rental Inspections

A Short-Term Rental or “STR” means a dwelling unit, or a part thereof, rented or offered for rent for at least one overnight stay but less than thirty (30) days per rental; such as a Vbro unit, an Airbnb, or similar short-term rental dwelling

  • These short-term rental units require a rental inspection. To learn more, please follow the portal below:

Vacant Property Registration

On October 9, 2021, the Anniston City Council passed Ordinance #21-O-16 requiring the registration of vacant and abandoned properties within the City. This vacant property registry will provide our municipal government with contact information relative to the responsible parties of abandoned, foreclosed and vacant properties. The associated vacancy registration fees required by this ordinance will also help offset the cost incurred by our Building and Safety Division in their efforts to monitor and address these vacant properties. For more information on this ordinances and the registration process, please follow the link below: 

MuniReg_Vacant Prop

Domesticated Chicken Permit

Citizens may obtain a domesticated chicken permit for $10.00 starting Monday, October 3, 2022. Each permit is valid for a period of one (1) year starting January 1 through December 31 and must be renewed yearly. For more requirements and information, please read the permit application linked below: 


Jason Brown | Fire Marshal | 256-231-7650 jkbrown@annistonal.gov

Tana Bryant | Senior Code Enforcement Officer | 256-231-7733 tbryant@annistonal.gov

Lawrence Mercer | Code Enforcement Officer | 256-241-7161 | lmercer@annistonal.gov

Technical Inspector 256-283-4226 

Lee Willis | Building Inspections Supervisor | 256-231-7724 | lwillis@annistonal.gov

Shelby Shiflett | Administrative Assistant | 256-231-7720 | sshiflett@annistonal.gov

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