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City of Anniston Engineering Department

The City of Anniston Engineering Department’s mission is to provide informative and cost effective engineering services to the residents of Anniston, the business community, as well as other departments of the City.

Our department concentrates our efforts on designing, advising, administering, and overseeing Capital Improvement Projects, subdivision developments, and floodplain management with the emphasis on protecting the public health, safety and welfare of our streets and residents, while improving the infrastructure conditions for the residents of Anniston.

The Engineering Department provides design services, surveying, contract administration, and project management for Capital Infrastructure Improvement Projects. These activities include Evaluation & Maintenance of Existing Roadway Network to determine the city resurfacing needs. The Engineering Department is responsible for managing all aspects of the Storm Water Management Program including administering our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, evaluating and maintaining all storm system pipes and structures, and maintaining ditches and outfalls within the city limits. The Department also serves as the Floodplain Administrators ensuring that new construction meets the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and city guidelines for building in or near flood zones and reviews flood plain studies performed in the city. The Department provides Development Administration of the City’s subdivision and site plan regulations, review of flood plain ordinances, city regulated storm sewer ordinances, conformance to the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA), and maintaining intent of zoning regulations. The department maintains records of capital improvement projects, subdivisions, roadways, and bridges. All public right of way improvements (signage, striping, resurfacing, etc), privately or publicly constructed, are inspected by the Engineering Department.

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City of Anniston Engineering Department
P.O. Box 2168
Anniston, AL 36202


Branton Cole
City of Anniston Engineer

Phone: 256-231-7620, Ext. 245

Fax: (256) 231-7748

Email: bcole@annistonal.gov


Mark Wilson | Engineering

Phone: 256-231-7620

Fax: 256-231-7748

Email: mwilson@annistonal.gov