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New City Debris Pickup Policy

To review our city’s new debris pickup policy, please click the link below:

2024 Brush Pick-Up & Free Disposal Day Schedules

Citizens of Anniston, to the right you will find links to our Brush Pickup Schedule. NOTE: Leaf pickup does not follow the same schedule as brush pickup, unless your leaves are bagged

The calendar is colored by week according to the area of our city that the street department will be working through. The Brush map corresponds to the colored calendar; thereby showing each area our team will be in each week.

In addition, months with a red star icon are months with free disposal days. The days for free disposal will be circled in red in those months. 

For more information please contact our Public Works Department at:  256-231-7742 (Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 4:00 PM).

Please note: If your brush was not picked up in the week our street dept. was scheduled to visit your area, please report the missed pickup on our website here: www.annistonal.gov/work-order-request-online-portal.

Street Department Services & Information

The Street Department is primarily responsible for the pick-up of brush and yard debris within the City of Anniston. However, this division also provides for the maintenance of City ditches, right-of-ways, streets, sidewalks, and storm drains. In addition, this division further oversees the operation of the City’s Paint & Sign Shop, and Tree Trimming teams.

Paint & Sign Shop: paints appropriate markings on streets, curbs, and City parking lots, supports traffic sign regulation, and maintains/installs all street signs.

Tree Trimming is responsible for routine tree trimming and the removal of trees located on the right-of-ways, within the City’s parks, and upon other City property.

Brush: The Street Division picks up brush that is placed out curbside by citizens in residential areas. In order to be picked up, Limbs must meet the following criteria: 

  • Limbs may have a diameter of up to four (4) inches.
  • They must be cut in lengths not to exceed eight (8) feet.
  • Limbs with a diameter greater than four (4) inches shall be cut into lengths not to exceed four (4) feet.


Contractors & Building Materials 

  • Items placed out by contractors, or those hired to do home improvements or lawn maintenance for residents, will not be picked up by the Street Division. It is up to the residents to make sure that the removal of all discarded materials is included in all price quotes.



  • Appliance Removal Tags may be purchased through our Public Works Department by calling: 256-231-7742.
  • For Non-Freon Appliances the tag costs $5.00.
  • For Freon Appliances the tag costs $28.00.

Loose & Bagged Leaves

  • Click here to learn more about Loose and Bagged Leaf collection in the City of Anniston. NOTE: Leaf pickup does not follow the same schedule as brush pickup, unless your leaves are bagged.



  • Regular household garbage is not picked up by the Street Division, it is picked up by Republic Services. You may contact their Call Center with questions at: 205-923-1650.


Items for pick up 

  • To read our Debris Pickup Policy, please click here
  • Debris for pick up should be placed in a clear area; not around or under utility boxes, power, cable or telephone lines; not under trees or near fences; and not under or around traffic or street signs. Never place items in storm drains, ditches, or culverts.
    • Please note, the City will NOT collect the following materials: (a) Tires; (b) Household waste; (c) Rocks and dirt; (d) Concrete; (e) Concrete block, (f) Brick, (g) Roofing materials; (h) Construction materials; (i) Sheetrock; (j) Paint cans; (k) Pesticides; (l) Hazardous waste of any kind, including batteries, corrosives; and (m) Mixed materials (brush and leaves must be separated by 3 feet).


Mosquito Fogging

  • Fogging for adult mosquitos begins when weather conditions become favorable for the growth of mosquito populations at the start of Summer each year. During this time, our team tries to spray the entire city once a week. For more information on the fogger we use, view the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Public Service Announcements

Street Department | Summary Reports

Here you may view a short summary of our Public Works Department’s summary reports:


PUBLIC WORKS ADMIN. ASSISTANTAvanti Ammons | 256-231-7742

CEMETARY: Reggie Lewis | Office: 256-231-7746 | Cell: 256-405-6805

BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Alan Hughes | 256-283-4498

ENGINEERING: Branton Cole | 256-231-7620 Ext. 245

STREET DEPARTMENT: Johnita Roberts | 256-231-7746 Ext. 273