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Parks & Recreation FAQ

Q. Do you have to live within the city limits to participate in the Parks & Recreation Department Programs?
A. No, you do not have to reside within the city limits to participate in Parks & Recreation Department Programs.

Q. Does the Parks & Recreation Department have a Senior Citizen Center?
A. The Parks & Recreation Department does not have a Senior Citizen Center however, Senior Programs & activities are available at each of the local community centers. For more information contact 256-236-8221.

Q. How many laps around the park make a mile?
A. The walking track mileage rates are posted in the park adjacent to the track. 

Q. Which parks or community centers have walking trails?
A. The parks and/or community centers that have walking trails are Carver Community Center, Gordon Park (McClellan), Hamilton Park, John Nettles Park, LaGarde Park, Mike Tucker Park, Norwood Hodges Community Center and Wiggins Community Center.

Q. Are pets allowed in the parks?
A. Pets are allowed in the parks provided they are on a leash. However, they are not allowed at sporting events, such as baseball, football, softball, soccer or on our walking tracks.  Personnel are responsible for clean-up of waste from the pet(s).

Q. Is overnight parking allowed in Woodland Park?
A. No. There are no vehicles allowed to park overnight in the parking lot of Woodland Park, this includes oversized trucking rigs and/or cabs.

Q. Do you have to reserve the pavillions @ LaGarde Park or any other park?
A. There is a reservation fee for use of the pavillions at LaGarde Park and all other City owned parks. All requests must be made through the Parks & Recreation Department Administrative Office @ 256-236-8221.

Q. Does the City of Anniston have a Senior Center?
A. The City of Anniston does not have a centrally located Senior Center however, each of our local community centers offer Senior Citizen’s Programs. You may contact the center of your choice which includes, Norwood Hodges (Golden Springs), Wiggins Community Center (Randolph Park Area), South Highland Community Center (South Anniston), Lenlock Community Center and the Glen Addie Community Center.