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Fees & Codes


Residential Building Permit Sign Permit Commercial Building Permit Demolition Electrical Reconnection
$16.00 for first $2,000.00 of project value (contract amount) + $4.00 per thousand thereafter
Total Square Feet x ($0.25+$10.00)
$16.00 for first $2,000.00 of project value (contract amount) + $4.00 per thousand thereafter + $1.00 per each and every thousand (Alabama Craft Fee)

Residential & Commercial Fee Calculator

You may download the attached Permit Fee Excel Calculator, in order to assist in calculating your Residential or Commercial Permit Fees. To download this resource, please click here


The City of Anniston currently has adopted the 2014 National Electric Code (NFPA 70) and the 2015 Editions of the following codes:

• International Building Code
• International Residential Code
• International Existing Building Code
• International Fire Code
• International Property Maintenance Code
• International Plumbing Code
• International Fuel Gas Code
• International Mechanical Code

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design is used for accessibility requirements. The City of Anniston also enforces the Alabama Energy Code.


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Alan Hughes | Electrical & Rental Inspections | 256-231-7727

Lee Willis | Building Inspections Supervisor | 256-231-7724

Tana Bryant | Senior Code Enforcement Officer | 256-231-7733

Bea Vedovato | Code Enforcement Officer | 256-241-7161