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City Clerk

The responsibility of the City Clerk is to record all official actions of the city council, protect and maintain city records and archives, conduct impartial municipal elections, and provide services to the citizens, elected officials, city departments and outside organizations in a professional manner. The City Clerk also acts as the treasurer for the Police & Firefighter Retirement Plan

In addition, the City Clerk is the custodian of city records, which include city ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, and council minutes. Requests for city records should be forwarded to the City Clerk using the City of Anniston Public Records Request Form.

The City Clerk also assists with our various boards. If you are interested in serving your city, please complete a City of Anniston Board Application and submit it to: sbass@annistonal.gov

Lastly, our City Clerk is responsible for all city elections. This includes finding poll workers, providing citizens with voting information, as well as helping candidates learn what they need to do in order to qualify for office. 

Records Requests

Many records of the City are available to the public for inspection, including the following commonly requested records:
• Ordinances, Resolutions and minutes of City Council meetings;
• City issued permits and licenses;
• Deeds, easements and right-of-way information;
• The front of Uniform Incident/Offense Reports;
• Original bids and all documents related to awarding public contracts;
• The names and resumes of applicants for City employment, or summaries thereof; and
• The names, titles, and compensation of City employees.
However, as proscribed by the Code of Alabama and interpretive court decisions, some records are not available for public inspection. Records typically not subject to public inspection include those where privacy or security issues are of overriding importance, or where documents are not necessary to record the status and condition of business carried out by the City. Such exceptions from disclosure may include, but not be limited to:
• Information received by a public officer in confidence;
• Sensitive personnel records;
• Law enforcement investigative reports;
• Banking records;
• Tax returns and financial statements; 
To read our full public records policy, please click the button below. You may also download a public records request form below. 
Please note, there are costs associated with record requests, and the record request form must be filled out in its ENTIRETY prior to submitting the request. 

Meeting Notices: Board of Trustees Policemen’s and Firemen’s Retirement Fund

Board Applications & Elections Forms


Please review the following 3 documents if you are interested in running for office in the City of Anniston:
1. 2020 Municipal Election Dates
2. Statement of Candidacy
3. Form of Government
You may also see our Municipal Polling Locations by viewing the link below: 
Anniston’s Municipal Polling Locations

Contact Information                                                      

City Clerk
P.O. Box 2168
Anniston, AL 36202-2168

Skylar Bass, City Clerk
Phone: 256-231-7710
Fax: 256-231-7632


The Code of Ordinances of the City of Anniston is hosted online at Municode.  The site is updated annually. For recent ordinances, contact the City Clerk or check back here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Information on birth and death certificates.
A. Call the Calhoun County Health Department at 256-237-4324 or the State of Alabama Health Department at 334-206-5418.

Q. Information on traffic fines, court dates and warrants.
A. This function is performed by the Anniston Muncipal Court. 256-231-7615 or 256-231-7617.

Q. Information on deeds.
A. Call the Calhoun County Tax Assessor’s office at 256-241-2855.