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Loose & Bagged Leaf Collection

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Loose Leaf Collection 

The City of Anniston’s Street Department offers loose leaf collection around 
October through March of each year. During this time, citizens may bag and place their loose leaves out, and our Street Department team will collect them.
  • Watch our Leaf Services PSA to learn more about the Leaf Pickup process in Anniston. Please note, the leaf/brush pickup process is subject to change.

What to do with leaves in Anniston

Here are some Tips to make Leaf and Brush Pickup go faster:

• Pile loose leaves on the edge of your yard, but not in the gutter. If they’re in the gutter, they’ll create drainage problems. If they’re too far from the curb, the leaf truck can’t reach them.

• Try to get loose leaves all in one place. A single pile is better than a line of leaf piles across your lot.

• Bagging is faster. If you bag your leaves, they’re likely to get picked up faster. Bagged leaves will go to the landfill instead of the incinerator, but leaves are lighter than other bagged trash and therefore don’t add much to landfill costs.

• Keep it separate. Put leaves in one pile and brush in another. If you put brush or garbage on top of leaves, the leaf truck can’t get to the leaves. 

• Don’t stack garbage on top of brush. If there’s garbage on top of a brush pile, either bagged trash or big items like a mattress, all of it goes into the brush truck. And then the entire truck has to go to the landfill. It costs the city additional funds, and it slows the progress of brush pickup. 



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