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Summer Adventures in Learning

SAIL Program Details:

Children regress when they don’t practice their academic skills over the summer. This is known as summer learning loss, or the summer slide. Children from low-income families lose two-three months of grade equivalency. Thanks to wonderful partnerships throughout East Alabama, we are excited to introduce our community’s own Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL) program, as a dynamic component of the City of Anniston’s Summer Day Camps this year!

Designed for students entering 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in August 2024, this SAIL program welcomes participants from the City of Anniston’s Summer Camp Programs at Wiggins, Carver, and Hodges Community Centers, along with students residing in Calhoun County. This program primarily focuses on students not meeting grade level standards. Daily attendance is mandatory to participate in this SAIL program.

The classroom components of the SAIL program will be hosted at The Donoho School. SAIL students will be required to participate in both the Summer Day Camp Program and the SAIL program, and they’ll be offered transportation from their respective Summer Camp locations to The Donoho School for 3.5 hours of daily instruction featuring innovative reading and math sessions rooted in the BellXcel curriculum, led by certified local educators. After breaks for lunch, city transportation will take Summer Day Camp students back to their respective community centers. On Fridays, SAIL students will be transported to Camp Lee for unique outdoor enrichment adventures, and return them to their centers afterwards!

Registration kicks off at designated community centers from May 7th to 9th. All students who register for the SAIL program will be required to take a pre-test prior to final enrollment into the program. This program will start June 3rd and run until August 2nd, excluding July 1-5 and June 19th.

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Online Registration:

We apologize, unfortunately online registration has ended for this event! For questions, please contact Anniston PARD at: 256-241-7164.

In-Person Registration:

You may download a hardcopy registration form at the link above: 

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What is SAIL?

Children regress when they don’t practice their academic skills over the summer. This is known as summer learning loss, or the summer slide. Children from low-income families lose two-three months of grade equivalency in both math and reading every summer, year after year. The loss is cumulative; the gap grows over time. 

A study by Johns Hopkins University measured the gap in reading  as three years by the end of the ninth grade. They found that 2/3 of the gap was attributable to summer learning loss. Further, they found that summer learning loss was the primary driver of later problems; failure to graduate, to attend college, and to successfully enter the workforce. To see the Research Brief, click here.

Learn More:

To learn more about SAIL and its programs, follow the link below to their official website: 


SAIL programs use research-based curriculum, certified teachers, and Star Assessments® to drive academic growth.
Reading:  1.8 months Math: 2.6 months


(Considering the “summer slide” of 2+ months loss for low-income students)

Reading: about 4 monthsMath: about 5 months


The average cost of a SAIL academic program is around $1,000 per child. When the high academic gains are factored with the reasonable cost, the value of SAIL programs is evident!

In SAIL programs:

  •   88% of the students are eligible for free or reduced cost lunches.
  •   SAIL students entered performing well below grade-level. 76% are below grade level in reading, and 72% in math.

For More Information:

For more information on our community’s SAIL program, please contact the City of Anniston Parks & Recreation Department at: 

Learn about our local SAIL network by visiting their sites below: