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McWane & Wiggins STEM Events Registration

McWane & Wiggins STEM Events: Online Registration

Here you may register for the McWane STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) events done in partnership with the Wiggins Community Center! We plan to host multiple STEM events throughout the year, so stay tuned for future dates. Our next STEM event will be the Tyler Union/M-H Valve STEM Extravaganza at the Anniston City Meeting Center (1615 Noble Street, Anniston, AL 36201) on April 20, 2024.

We apologize, the online registration has closed as so the online list may be sent to the event organizers. You may still sign up in person at the event or reach out to Jerome McQueen with McWane to sign up at: jerome.mcqueen@mcwane.com

Staff Contact Information:

All programs will be held at Wiggins Community Center, 2202 West 17th Street, Anniston, AL  36201.  Phone:  256 231-7628  Email:  cbush@annistonal.gov.  We welcome you to any and every program offered.