The Mayor and City Council approved ordinance on July, 14, 2014 that established a stormwater user fee charge system for the City of Anniston, Alabama.  The City chose a stormwater user fee charge as the most equitable method available to fund the implementation of the City’s NPDES-Phase II MS4 permit and stormwater management program.  NPDES stands for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and more information on its permitting programs can be found here. The city’s chosen method of funding NPDES-related stormwater activities was specifically allowed by the State Legislature in Act 2014-439.

To report stormwater drainage complaints, illegal dumping, or water-quality issues, call 256-231-7742, or utilize the Storm Water/Illegal Dumping Report Portal found below.

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Storm Water/Illegal Dumping | Report Portal

Below, citizens report any issues they are having with their Storm Water Drains; this is to include such things as: pollution concerns or drain blockage. You may also report any illegal dumping of materials you are concerned about:

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The Fee

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