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Required Inspections

Required Inspections in the City of Anniston are as follows:

  • Building: Footing and concrete slab (pre-pour), framing and final inspections
  • Electrical: Under-slab conduit, rough-in and final inspections (We also perform inspections for temporary and permanent electrical service connections).
  • Plumbing: Under-slab/wall rough-in and final inspections
  • Mechanical: Ductwork rough-in and final inspections
  • Rental Inspections  Find information about Rental Inspections here.
  • Business License Inspections: To read more, click here.
  • Temporary and permanent electrical service inspections are also required.


Inspections are performed Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Please contact our office a minimum of four (4) hours in advance to request an inspection. You may do this by contacting our Administrative Assistant, Jennie Emerson, at: (256) 231-7720.


Those seeking additional information may also reach out to our City Inspector Supervisor, Lee Willis, at: 256-231-7724.

Rental Inspections:

  • In the City of Anniston, Rental Property must be Inspected once a year.
  • This Inspection is Free if the property is vacant.
  • The Inspection will cost $100.00 if the property is (or was very recently) occupied. 
  • Rental Inspections, once completed, are good for One Full Year. A new inspection will need to be done once the property becomes vacant a year from the date of the initial inspection.
  • To Request a Rental Inspection, please contact our Senior Code Enforcement Officer, Tana Bryant at: 256-231-7733.


Alan Hughes | Electrical Inspections | 256-231-7727 |

Lee Willis | Building Inspections Supervisor | 256-231-7724 |

Rachel Hall | Administrative Assistant | 256-231-7720 |

Tana Bryant | Senior Code Enforcement Officer (Rental Inspections) | 256-231-7733 |