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Police Department Divisions

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Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Division is broken down into four shifts with one lieutenant, two sergeants, and 11 officers assigned to each shift. The patrol division is responsible for answering calls for service and preventive patrol of traffic laws. 

A Shift is commanded by Lieutenant Emily McCullars and Sergeants Todd Owen and Bruce Dunnagan. 

B Shift is commanded by Lieutenant Donny Smith and Sergeants Nathan Jackson and Thomas Freckman.

C Shift is commanded by Lieutenant Kyle Price and Sergeants Brian Brockman and Justin Hartley. 

D Shift is commanded by Lieutenant Chris Leach and Sergeants Derrick Kirby and Paul Nichols. 

The department’s Special Response Team (SRT) is also assigned to this division. The SRT is comprised of 16 tactical operators and 5 negotiators. 

Investigative Division

The Investigative Division has one Lieutenant, Tim Suits, and one Sergeant, Jason Hawkins, assigned to it. 

The Case Investigations Unit currently has six officers assigned to it. These Investigators are responsible for conducting thorough criminal investigations of all Felony reports that are filed with the Anniston Police Department. These cases range from Crimes Against Property, White Collar Crimes (Forgery, Fraud, etc.) and Crimes Against Persons. 

* Some Misdemeanor reports are assigned to a case investigator depending on its solvability. All other misdemeanor cases are assigned to the division’s secretary for follow up. 

The Warrants Unit currently has two investigators assigned to it. The Warrant Unit is responsible for locating and arresting individuals wanted on felony and misdemeanor warrants, as well as other court warrants. Please note, the Anniston Municipal Court now only serves Warrants on Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM. 

The Crime Lab Unit currently has three investigators assigned to it. The Crime Lab Unit is responsible for the collection, documentation, and processing of evidence at crime scenes, and registrations of felons released from prison.

The Investigative Division Sergeant is also responsible for Sexual Offender Notifications. To view the list of registered sex offenders, please click here. 


Investigative Division

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations division is broken down in to two units, The Special Operations Unit and The Street Crimes Unit. 

The Special Operations Unit is commanded by Lieutenant Matt Caballero and includes the Accident Investigation Unit, School Resource Officer, Animal Control Unit, Community Relations Unit, and the Crime Analysis Unit. Our current Accident Investigator is Corporal Justin Hise. The School Resource Officer is Corporal Donald McGraw and the current Animal Control Officer is Christy Graves. 

The Street Crimes Unit is commanded by Sgt. Randy Grier and has 4 officers assigned to it as well as APD’s K9 officer, Tito.

This Division also has one officer assigned to it that is also assigned to the 7th Circuit Judicial Major Crimes Unit and is a Task Force Agent for the ATF.  

Training and Inspections Division

The Training and Inspections Division is divided into the Training Unit and the Inspections Unit. 

The Inspections Unit is responsible for internal investigations into allegations of police misconduct. This unit is also responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all positions within the department. 

The Training Unit is supervised by Sergeant Jeff Hamrick. This unit is responsible for locating, coordinating, and planning the training for all employees of the department. This unit is responsible for maintaining this agency’s accreditation status with The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The unit also assists with hiring and recruiting.

*For hiring and recruiting questions, contact Lt. Lloyd at 256-240-4050 or Sgt. Hamrick at 256-240-4073

Administrative Division

Records & Communications is under the supervision of Christy Smith. There are also two clerks in this office as well. 

911 provides dispatch. The division contains the Records & Communications Unit and the Property Unit.

This unit utilizes a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and a Records Management System (RMS) by Spillman Technologies. Calls are taken and prioritized by the CAD prior to being dispatched.  The system also manages evidence and prisoner property.

The Property Unit is staffed by Officer Chris Hughes and is responsible for the safekeeping of all found property and recovered, stolen, and trial items.