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(Housedhold garbage collection is defined by a different ordinance)

BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Anniston, Alabama, as follows:
Section 1. Definitions. The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and enforcement of this ordinance:
A. “Garbage’ shall mean all solid or semi-solid refuse subject to decay or putrefaction, tin cans, bottles, paper and all waste of animal or vegetable matter except: (1) large appliances, heavy furniture, and cans in excess of five (5) gallons; (2) medical waste (not including fire stations); (3) trees, wallpaper, roofing material, plaster, concrete, concrete blocks, or other substances that may accumulate as a result of the clearing of lots or land, or of the repairs to or construction of buildings undertaken and performed by licensed contractors; and (4) waste or refuse which is defined, characterized or designated as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or appropriate State agency by or pursuant to Federal or state law, or which cannot be lawfully disposed of at a sanitary landfill without special treatment or handling. The word “garbage’ means putrescible animal or vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of food.
B. “Trash” shall mean all bagged grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs (except trees and limbs which are so large as to be incapable of being handled by the equipment being used by the city to load trash items, old furniture, mattresses, bed springs, small debris, non-putrescible solid waste, cloth, paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes, and other similar materials excluding (1) items weighting over five hundred (500) pounds, (2) items over ten (10) feet long; and (3) items excepted in the definition of ”Garbage” herein.
C. “Residence” shall mean an occupied dwelling (whether a single family home or a condominium, or townhouse) within the city.

D. “Commercial Building” Any building other than building described as residence.
Section 2. Rubbish and trash collection.
(a) All rubbish and trash collection shall be limited to one (I) truck load for each regular collection time. For all additional loads a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per load will be charged and must be authorized in advance in writing by the property owner.
(b) Payment for the additional truck loads of rubbish and trash shall be due upon collection and shall be delinquent if not paid in thirty (30) days. The additional load charge may be added to the residential garbage collection bill of the individual. Once the account becomes sixty (60) days delinquent all trash and rubbish service to the location will cease until payment is received. The City shall determine the time and day when extra items will be picked up.
(c) In placing rubbish and trash out for disposal, brush and tree limbs shall be kept separate and apart from the other rubbish and trash such as metal. Debris such as tree limbs, brush, etc., shall be limited to that which is no more than ten (10) inches in diameter and no more than ten (10) feet in length and weighing less than five hundred (500) pounds. The City of Anniston reserves the right to refuse pick-up of items that are not located in a area where the equipment used by the Public Works Department can load items without damage to fences, utility poles, landscaping and etc. Owner will be required to relocate items to be picked up.
Section 3. Leaf Pick up. Leaves will be picked up with leaf machines from October 15 until April 1. During this time leaves must be separated from all other material and placed along the edge of the street not blocking gutters or drainage ditches. If leaves are mixed with limbs or other debris, they will not be picked mp until separated. All other times leaves will only be picked up if bagged and placed along the edge of street separate from other items.
Section 4. Contractors. It shall be the responsibility of all fence companies, roofers, landscape contractors, building contractors, lawn services, tree services or any individual acting as a contractor or company that is paid to do work by the resident or property owner on private property to remove from the premises all residue, debris or rubbish resulting from such work. Said material shall be removed by the owner of the property or the contractor responsible for its accumulation. All construction debris must be removed before final inspection by the Inspection Division. No brush shall be picked up from vacant lots.
Contractors engaged in the care and maintenance of lawns for Commercial or Residential properties must keep trash, grass and leaf debris from being left in the streets. Any debris that has been discarded into the streets must be cleaned up. If it is necessary for the City to sweep and/or clean the street(s) from the results of contractors discarding the debris into the streets, the City will charge the contractors for the work.
Section 5. Tires and wheels. Tires shall be limited to four (4) at each household. Tires must be separated from rims and all tires over four (4) shall be picked up for $3.00 each.
Section 6. Items not picked up. The following items will not be picked up:

Tires unless separated from rims (see Section 5 for details).
Household Garbage
Rocks and dirt
Concrete Block
Construction Materials
Paint cans (unless lids have been removed and paint drained)
hazardous waste of any kind.
Mixed items (brush and trash)
Section 7. Appliance Removal (Stoves, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, air conditioners, etc.). Beginning November 1, 2001 , those customers requiring removal of appliances shall be required to purchase an appliance removal tag for which the cost shall be as follows:
A. For refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners and every other type of appliance containing freon $28.00 (twenty eight dollars) (lf certificate is provided where freon has been removed from item then regular appliance removal price shall apply).
B. For all other appliance removal (for example stoves, water heaters, Washing machines, etc.) it is $5.00 (five dollars).
The appliance removal lag shall be placed upon the appliance in such a manner as to be clearly visible. The Public Works Department shall not collect ay item unless each such item has an appliance removal tag attached; and the Public Works Department shall not collect any item containing freon unless the attached appliance removal tag indicates that the fee of twenty-eight dollars ($28.00) was paid or freon was removed.
Section 8. Commercial Building Service. No pick-up will be provided for items generated in the normal course of business operation. These items must he placed in dumpster provided by private contractor. Special pick-up can be provided for items not generated during the normal course of business. Any pick-up of a truck load will be charged at the standard rate of seventy five dollars ($75.00) per load. Items picked up will be limited to the same type of items picked tip in residential areas.
Section 9. That all other ordinances/resolutions or parts of ordinances/resolutions, including parts of the Code of the City of Anniston, Alabama 1981, in conflict with this ordinance are repealed only to the extent necessary to give this ordinance full force and effect.
Section 10. That this ordinance shall become effective upon its adoption or upon its otherwise becoming law, which shall be published as required by law.

ADOPTED AND APPROVED this the   9th  day of   October  , 2001.