Chief Tony Taylor has served with the Anniston Fire Department for 27 years. Our department has 88 paid professionals on staff. Personnel are listed below by rank and seniority.




Tony Taylor Fire Chief
Richard Sensenbach Assistant Chief, A-Shift
J.J. Brooks Assistant Chief, B-Shift
David Randle Assistant Chief, C-Shift
Bryan Tumlin Lieutenant/Fire Inspector/ Investigator
Johnnie Phelps Sergeant/Training Officer
Mrs. Vivian Hill Administrative Assistant
 "A" SHIFT    
J.T. Roberts Captain
D. Sides Lieutenant
B. Walker Lieutenant
G. Wood Lieutenant
B. Drummond Lieutenant
C. Wilson Sergeant  
H. Roberts Sergeant  
J. Waugh Sergeant  
J. Waldrep Sergeant  
R. Hubbard Sergeant  
B. Connell Sergeant  
D. Walker Sergeant  
C. Crossley Firefighter  
F. Hanvey Firefighter  
W. Bailey Firefighter  
L. Bullock Firefighter  
K. Crider Firefighter  
D. Thompson Firefighter  
M. Pinkard Firefighter  
J. Futrell Firefighter  
J. Brown Firefighter  
J. Black Firefighter  
D. Snyder Firefighter  
K. Waddell Firefighter  
J. Siskey Firefighter  
J. Williams Firefighter  
K. Yancy Firefighter  
"B" SHIFT    
C. Collins Captain/Chaplain
D. Hunter Lieutenant
C. Carden Lieutenant
E. Arnold Lieutenant
D. Conde Lieutenant
S. Duke Sergeant  
R. Smith Sergeant  
A. Wilson Sergeant  
J. Roberts Sergeant  
J. Cox Sergeant  
K. Bryant Sergeant  
S. Garrett Sergeant  
G. Burnett Firefighter  
A. Currie Firefighter  
W. Ballard Firefighter  
M. Dover Firefighter  
D. Findley Firefighter  
R. Jimenenz Firefighter  
M. Yocum Firefighter  
C. Mangum Firefighter  
Z. Moody Firefighter  
M. Hooper Firefighter  
J. Shake Firefighter  
B. Hartsfield Firefighter  
B. Curvin Firefighter  
J. Haynes Firefighter  
"C" SHIFT    
R. Thompson Captain
S. Muncher Lieutenant
K. Meherg Lieutenant
M. Lowery Lieutenant
S. Stone Lieutenant
G. Poole Sergeant  
B. Tillison Sergeant  
B. Broadwell Sergeant  
R. Ball Sergeant  
F. Owens Sergeant  
J. Kitchens Sergeant  
J. Forrest Sergeant  
D. Gunter Firefighter  
B. Johnson Firefighter  
J. Starr Firefighter  
J. Mayfield Firefighter  
K. Day Firefighter  
J. Batey Firefighter  
J. Dougal Firefighter  
J. Cornett Firefighter  
B. Godby Firefighter  
B. Hall Firefighter  
M. Wiedeman Firefighter  
B. Adams Firefighter  
D. Edgar Firefighter  
T. Cantrell Firefighter  
R. Parker Firefighter