Anniston Outdoor Association

The Anniston Outdoor Association (AOA), is an ongoing outdoor recreation program sponsored through the City of Anniston Parks and Recreation Department and is an affiliate member of the American Hiking Society's (AHS) Alliance of Hiking Organizations and the Alabama Hik ing Trail Society (AHTS) . Since its inception in November 1991, the association has become recognized as the leader in outdoor recreation in Alabama.   Day hikes, camping trips, and canoeing excursions are just a sample of some of this program's most popular activities!


Keith Hudson

The Anniston Outdoor Association

P.O. Box 2168
Anniston, Alabama  36202


Mission & Goals


Activities & Schedules


Our Mission:

The mission of the Anniston Outdoor Association is to promote an awareness of our local environment, to serve as a catalyst to bring together outdoor enthusiasts with varied interests, and to provide outdoor recreation and service opportunities for its members.

Our Goals:

In order to fulfill its mission, the Anniston Outdoor Association strives to meet the following goals which include:

  • To hold a bi-monthly meeting featuring a variety of guest speakers involved in  various environmental endeavors.

  • To promote and participate in monthly outings sponsored by the Anniston Parks and Recreation Department.

  • To perform quarterly service projects to enhance the quality of our local environment.  These projects include, but are not limited to: the clean-up of littered areas; helping in the maintenance and expansion of local trails and trail facilities; participation in recycling drives and other waste management programs; organizing and participating in community tree plantings; and responding to any other environmental needs brought to the attention of the association.

  • To promote and encourage participation in the activities of other outdoor and environmental organizations.

  • To work, on an ongoing basis, with local, state, and federal agencies to promote an awareness of the many recreational opportunities available in our local outdoors. These agencies include: the USDA Forest Service, The Alabama Forestry Commission, the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel, the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, and the Jacksonville State University Environmental Policy & Information Center.


What are the Benefits of being an Anniston Outdoor Association Member?

Along with networking and fellowship opportunities with other outdoor enthusiasts, membership in the Anniston Outdoor Association entitiles you to receive a quarterly newsletter, discounts from local outfitters, frequent updates on AOA activities, and transportation to selected AOA outings.

How Do I Join?

To join the Anniston Outdoor Association, download and complete the membership form and survey, print it out and bring it and the annual membership fee to one of the monthly meetings, or mail them to the address listed on the form.

Membership Form & Survey

Activities & Schedules:

The Anniston Outdoor Association (AOA) offers a variety of outdoor excursions each month.  While day hikes, canoe excursions, and camping trips continue to be our most preferred activities, it is not uncommon for the AOA to sponsor other activities such as backpacking trips, cave and water fall tours, archaeological expeditions, whitewater adventures, and trips to unique scenic and historic areas.

Also, over the past several years, the AOA has partnered with the JSU Field Schools on several occasions to offer even a greater variety of outings.

Volunteer service continues to be an important part of the AOA's mission.  Each quarter, members of the AOA participate in service projects to improve the quality of our local outdoor recreational areas.  In March 1992, the association adopted a 5-mile section of the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail which it maintains in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service.  The association also maintains the Cheaha Falls Trail Shelter, plants trees during Arbor Week and participates in the American Hiking Society's National Trails Day event each year.  Besides schedule maintenance trips, members of the AOA also assist several other trail clubs in maintaining the Pinhoti Trail on an as needed basis.

Click on the links below for a schedule of the Anniston Outdoor Association's Monthly and Quarterly Schedule of Activities.