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Personnel Specialist                                                   Payroll Clerk
Bersheba Austin                                                             Kelli Bentley
Phone: 256-231-7714                                                                            Phone: 256-231-7712
Fax: 256-231-7639                                                                                  Fax:  256-231-7639
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Benefits Information

The following benefits are available to all full-time permanent employees of the City of Anniston.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama - Family Coverage $122.00 bi-weekly  Individual Coverage $64.50bi-weekly

Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) for Non-Public Safety
Police and Fire Retirement Board for sworn Police and Fire employees

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Good Friday, National Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, Thanksgivinig Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Paid holidays are established by Anniston Civil Service Board.


Vacation days for full-time permanent employees are paid in accordance with Anniston Civil Service Board rules.  Employees are entitled to sick leave with pay at the rate of one day per month, all employees shall be allowed to accumulate a maximum of 150 sick leave days as established by Anniston Civil Service Board.

Frequently Requested Forms

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Federal Withholding Allowance Form W-4

Family and Medical Leave Employee Rights and Responsibilities

FMLA Certification

 Blue Cross Enrollment Form