Public Works

The Public Works department is composed of seven divisions: city cemetery, electrical, engineering, environmental services, city garage, street, and building inspection services. Each division plays a part in the deparment's daily operations. Learn more about each division below:

Code Enforcement
City Cemetery
Environmental Services
City Garage
Building Inspection Services
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City of Anniston Public Works Department
1128 Gurnee Avenue
Anniston, Alabama  36201

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2168
Anniston, Alabama 36202

Robert J. Dean, Jr., Public Works Director
Phone: 256-231-7742
Fax:      256-231-7748

Office hours:
Monday - Friday  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Code Enforcement

Tana Bryant is the Senior Code Enforcement Officer, 256-231-7733.  The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to enhance the quality of life and economy of Anniston by enforcing regulations that preserve and protect neighborhoods. This division of Public Works provides the enforcement for all nuisance complaints, and can investigate and prosecute violations dealing with the City of Anniston Codes that govern: illegal dumping, signage, nuisances such as junk vehicles and over grown lots, housing standards, trash cans, residential and commercial zoning.  The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of municipal and technical codes. Abandoned/disabled vehicles, lot cleaning, tractor-trailer parking, signs on the right-of-way, construction projects without a permit, demolitions of sub-standard and/or dangerous structures are just some of the items handled by the Code Enforcement Department. The department promotes voluntary compliance by establishing partnerships with citizens, community groups and other agencies.  Part of that establishment comes in the form of community meetings where citizens are educated about the aforementioned code requirements.   
Code Enforcement Brochure.

City Cemetery

Provides management, care, and control of all the cemeteries that are owned by the City. Those cemeteries are Edgemont and Hillside. If you have any questions call Joe McCarson at 256-231-7640 from 6am to 2:30pm, or leave a message; or you may call his work cell at 256-419-8900; or email .
Opening and closing grave: (a) for funerals to be conducted on Monday through Friday, $500.00; (b) for funerals to be conducted on Saturday, Sunday, or city declared holidays, $600.00. An individual may prepay for the opening and closing of a grave on a pre-need basis by the present payment of the highest fee charged for the opening and closing of an adult grave with all applicable additional charges included therein.

Electrical & Building Maintenence

The Electrical & Building Maintenance Division is headed by Glenn Williams, Electrical & Building Maintenance Superintendent, 256-231-7742. This division is responsible for the electrical & building maintenance of City owned buildings, traffic control devices, street lights, and the displaying of flags on holidays. They also assist in decorating for the Christmas season.


The Engineering Division is headed by Lance Armbrester, City Engineer, 256-231-7750. This division provides preparation, review, and approval of plans and specifications for construction and environmental projects in and for the City of Anniston, including site plans, subdivisions, and roadways. Also, acts as the City’s floodplain administrator and coordinates construction activities in the City rights-of-way.

Environmental Services

This division provides the enforcement for grass and litter ordinances, oversees the City solid waste disposal system administered by BFI/Allied Waste.

Garbage: Administers contract with BFI/Allied Waste for weekly pick up of Household garbage. Household rubbish/garbage is only to be placed in the BFI/Allied Waste cart, garbage is not picked up unless placed in cart. Other allowable household discardable items are to be placed out for pick up by the Street Division.

The City of Anniston currently has a contract with BFI/Allied Waste for residential garbage service. New residents who sign up for water, will automatically be signed up for household garbage service and billing. The City will furnish one cart per household. Curbside service for residents is one day a week. Carts need to be placed out by 7:00 am on your day of service. Please do not pile bags on top of the carts. If you need an additional cart, please call AW/BFI at 256-237-7219 to arrange for an additional cart.

If you do not have a cart at your new residence, if you have a damaged cart, a missed pick up, or need to know your pick up day, please call us at 256-231-7746. If you have a garbage billing question please call 256-231-7718.

Do not place the following items in the AW/BFI cart. These items will not be picked up by AW/BFI; Street Division may pick up some, but not all of the following items:

Construction/Remodeling/Building debris
Flammable Items
Paints and Hazardous Liquids

Limbs and Yard Debris                                          
Hot Ashes


To read the brush and junk pickup ordinance, click here.

City Garage

The City Garage division is responsible for servicing, maintaining, and repairing all City owned equipment and vehicles.


The Street Department is headed up by Street Superintendent, Darryl Abernathy. He can be contacted at 256-231-7746. This division is responsible for the pick-up of brush and certain allowable household discardable items. This division further provides for the maintenance of City ditches, right-of-ways, streets, sidewalks, and storm drains. This division further oversees the operation of the City’s Paint & Sign Shop, and Tree Trimming.

Paint & Sign Shop: paints appropriate markings on streets, curbs, and City parking lots, supports traffic sign regulation, and maintains/installs all street signs.

Tree Trimming: is responsible for routine tree trimming and the removal of trees located on the right-of-ways, within the City's parks, and upon other City property.

Trash and yard debris: The Street Division picks up junk and yard debris that is placed out curbside by citizens in residential areas. They will pick up limbs which have a diameter of up to four (4) inches and shall be cut in lengths by the person discarding them not to exceed eight (8) feet, and such limbs which have a diameter greater than four (4) inches shall be cut into lengths by the person discarding them not to exceed four (4) feet; leaves, and other yard debris. Items placed out by contractors, or those hired to do home improvements or lawn maintenance for residents, will not be picked up by the Street Division. It is up to the residents to make sure that the removal of all discarded materials is included in all price quotes. Pick up of appliances, see section 7 of Ordinance. 
Loose leaf and bagged collection. Regular household garbage is not picked up by the Street Division, it is picked up by BFI/Allied Waste.

Items for pick up should be placed out curbside no later than 6:00am Monday of your week for pick up. It should be placed in a clear area; not around or under utility boxes, power, cable or telephone lines; not under trees or near fences; and not under or around traffic or street signs. Never place items in storm drains, ditches, or culverts. The Calhoun County Landfill allows disposal of most items for residents of Calhoun County, call 256-236-2411 for more information.