Anniston Police Department

The City of Anniston's Police Department has been proudly serving our community since 1883. We are dedicated to keeping our community safe and providing professional law enforcement to the City of Anniston.

The Anniston Police Department is located at 174 West 13th Street. We are a municipal police department with 85 sworn positions and 18 civilian positions. The Anniston Police Department provides law enforcement and related services for the City of Anniston, covering the city limits and police jurisdiction.

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Contact Us:     

Emergency Calls:   Dial 911
Non Emergency Calls: 256-238-1800
Fax: 256-231-7676

Investigative Division
Phone: 256-240-4000
Fax: 256-231-7616

Municipal Jail
Phone:  256-231-7679


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Administrative Division
Investigative Division
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Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is Shane Denham.  Chief Denham began his career at Anniston PD as a patrolman in May of 1995.

Uniform Division

The Uniform Division is commanded by Captain Nick Bowles. 

A Shift: A Shift is commanded by Lieutenant K. Briley, with Sergeants B. Lloyd and M. Caballero.
              A Shift currently has 12 officers assigned.
B Shift: B Shift is commanded by Lieutenant C. Sparks, with 
Sergeants T. Owen and M. Webb.
              B Shift currently has 12 officers assigned.
C Shift: C Shift is commanded by Lieutenant C. Parris, with Sergeants J. Hartley and P. Nichols.
              C Shift currently has 12 officers assigned.
D Shift: D Shift is commanded by Lieutenant Jay Whisenant, with Sergeants E. McCullars and
C. Leach. 
              D Shift currently has 12 officers assigned.
Special Operations Unit: The Special Operations Unit is under the command of
             Sergeant Brian Brockman. The Accident Investigation Unit, SRO Unit, and the Animal Control Unit are assigned here. Randy Angle is the accident investigator.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is commanded by Captain Greg Feazell. 

The division contains the Records & Communications Unit, the Municipal Jail, and the Property Unit. 

Records & Communications: The Records & Communications Unit is under the supervision of Ms. Gail Cobb. There are two records clerks. Calhoun County
911 provides dispatch servies for the department. This unit utilizes a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and a Records Management System (RMS) by Application Data System, Inc. Calls are taken and prioritized by the CAD prior to being dispatched.

Municipal Jail: The Municipal Jail is supervised by Lt. Phillip Smith. It is staffed by 10 civilian correctional officers and two civilian inmate supervisors. The inmate supervisors are responsible for inmates working inside and outside of the department.

Property Unit: The Property Unit is staffed by Officer Michael Hornbeck. The Property Unit is responsible for the safekeeping of all found property, recovered stolen items, trial evidence and some prisoners property.

Investigative Division

The Investigative Division is commanded by
Captain Curtis McCants and Sergeants K. Price and S. Firestone. The Division has six Case Investigators, three Lab Techs, two Warrant Unit Investigators and one division secretary currently assigned. The Investigative Division is divided into four Units:
        Crimes Against Persons Unit
        Crimes Against Property Unit
        Warrant Unit 
        Crime Lab Unit

The Investigators assigned to the Crimes against Person and Crimes against Property Units are responsible for follow-up investigations into reported crimes. They also initiate criminal investigations when warranted.

The Warrant Unit is responsible for locating and arresting individuals wanted on felony and misdemeanor warrants, as well as other court warrants.

The Crime Lab Unit is responsible for the collection, documentation and processing of evidence at crime scenes, and registrations of felons released from prison.

The Investigative Division Sergeant is also responsible for the Sexual Offender Notifications.

Investigative Division
Business Phone: 256-240-4000
Business Fax: 256-231-7616

Training and Inspections Unit

The Training and Inspections Unit is commanded by Lieutenant Justin Sanford. The Training and Inspections Unit is divided into the Training Unit and the Inspection Unit (more commonly known as the Internal Affairs Unit).

The Training Unit is supervised by Sergeant T. Suits. The Training Unit is responsible for locating, coordinating and planning the training for all employees of the department.

The Inspections Unit is responsible for internal investigations into allegations of police misconduct. This unit is also responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all positions within the department.

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