City Planner

Toby Bennington, AICP - City Planner

City Planning, on behalf and for the citizens and city leadership, provides technical guidance and support to the economic, social and cultural development of the City of Anniston. Planning by means of comprehensive planning, zoning and land use policies, coordination of long and short range transportation planning, economic development planning for land use and location, subdivision development and preservation, historic preservation, and project coordination to develop policy and planning initiative recommendations.

The duties of the City Planner include:
  • Technical Advisor to the Anniston City Planning Commission
  • Work with the Planning Commission to develop a city comprehensive plan
  • Coordinate and develop via a partnership, the city’s geographic information system map inventory
  • Monitor and provide needed updates to the city’s Zoning Ordinance for recommendation.
  • Technical Advisor to the Anniston City Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Provide daily citizen response and support to zoning inquiries
  • Provide review and direction to all zoning, subdivision and other board review applications
  • Coordinate and oversee the city’s development Plan Review process
  • Policy advisor to the Anniston City Planning Commission in the administration of the Anniston Subdivision Regulations.
  • Coordinate Economic Development planning to address land use and research for prospective business and industry
  • Coordinate with the Anniston City Planning Commission and the McClellan Development Authority to develop and implement zoning policies, land-use areas and development regulations
  • Provide planning and technical support to the Spirit of Anniston
  • City staff advisor to the Anniston Historic Preservation Commission
  • City staff advisor to the Calhoun Area Metropolitan Planning Organization for transportation projects
  • Coordinate community and neighborhood revitalization planning projects.
  • Coordinate city planning initiatives with projects and programs with CDBG
  • Work with citizen groups, neighborhoods, businesses, non-profits to provide planning needs to benefit the city.
  • Work with the following organizations to provide city support and planning assistance: