Planning & Development Services

The Department of Planning and Development Services was created in 2014. Upon creation, the department was structured, streamlined and administratively organized by Department Secretary Neeli Faulkner in an effort to bring forth enhanced efficiency in providing customer service to anyone in need of assistance related to planning and development projects.  Faulkner, along with Technical Inspectors Larry Talley and Lee Willis have continued the added role of providing rental inspection services, including all administrative accountability, in addition to the inspections and guidance related to development and construction. The staff has provided pre-development input for code requirements and other needed details to professional architects, engineers and developers for various projects. Talley also provides inspection support and services to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Department to meet its program goals and requirements.

The Building Inspection Services Division handles issues and questions pertaining to code enforcement and contractor issues. The Building Inspection Services Division is staffed by the City Planner and two Technical Inspectors.  The Technical Inspectors handle all technical issues concerning construction. BISD handles the assurance of all types of construction permits.

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*The Code Enforcement Department is now a division of Public Works. Click here for information pertaining to Code Enforcement.