Fire Department

The Anniston Fire Department proudly protects 47,310 people living in an area of 55 square miles. We operate out of 6 stations that protect both residential and industrial areas. Our department is a municipal department made up entirely of career personnel.  We are extremely proud of our ISO rating which is a 2.

Monitoring of our frequency on 154.340 will deliver only the dispatching of our units. This Department is currently using Digital 800Mhz for primary radio traffic. This frequency cannot be monitored on standard radio scanners.

Anniston Fire Department
225 East 17th Street
Anniston, Alabama 36207


Contact: Chief
Tony Taylor


For Emergencies:
256-237-3541 or 911

                  BURNING ISSUES


We are an Alabama Fire College Regional Training Center.

For class schedule information, go to

Congratulations to Sgt Josh Kitchens, FF Jason Mayfield, FF Justin
Shake, FF Michael Pinkard, FF Kevin Waddell, FF Matthew Hooper,
FF Brian Godby, FF Jim Black, FF Michael Wiedeman,
and FF Joshua Williams on successful completion of Advanced EMT
at Gadsden State Community College.
This will allow the Anniston Fire Department to serve the citizens
of Anniston in a higher capacity!
Good luck to Candidate Joseph Meeks as he advances through
Recruit School at Anniston Regional Training Center.
He will will be mentally and physically challenged over a 10 week
period to earn his Basic Firefighter Certifications.

For employment information contact: The City of Anniston
Civil Service Office. 256-231-7760

Jacksonville City Day Camp spends a little time at Station #1
learning about Fire Safety and Fire Department life!

****To schedule a tour for your class call 256-231-7644****

This is our April 2012 "Rope 1" class, which is a certification
course designed to train firefighters on the technical aspects
of high angle rope rescue. We teach this certification course
ourselves for the Alabama Fire College at Anniston Fire
Department utilizing our drill tower at 19th and Cooper.



This is our April 2012 "Rope II" class...which is a more advanced version of "Rope 1."


      Do you need a child carseat installed?

Come to Anniston Fire Department Station # 1
Located at 225 east 17th street, and one of our certified
personnel will assist you in the installation.

The AFD, along with the Anniston Police Department,
and several other of Calhoun County's public safety agencies,
are now involved in the Yellow Dot Program.

A "Yellow Dot" in the rear window of your vehicle will
alert First Responders to vital information in your glove
compartment (name, contact information, medical history,
allergies, etc.)  Having this information will help to ensure
that you receive the medical attention you need in the event of
an accident.

To sign up for this program, come by Fire Station #1, located at
225 East 17th St. during business hours.  For more information
you can come by or call (256) 231-7644. Remember, this program has
potiential to save your life and that of your loved ones. And it's FREE!

Stay tuned for the next issue of- Burning Issues!