Transit Advisory Board

The Transit Advisory Board is directed to work and coordinate its studies and activities with the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission and the Alabama Department of Transportation. The board is charged with the duty of providing oversight and study into the operation and management of the City’s transit system and should periodically report its findings and recommendations to the City Council. The transportation planning process provides a basis for decision making and ensures that various points of view are heard and discussed when establishing transportation policy and allocating transportation funds.

The Board is comprised of eleven (11) members. Five (5) members are appointed by the City of Anniston and one (1) each appointed by the City of Oxford, the Town of Hobson City, the City of Weaver, Calhoun County, East Alabama Planning Commission and the United Way. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

Board Positions Nominations Name Exp. Date
1 Ward 1 Patrick Wigley 7/31/2017
2 Ward 2 Larnard Thornton 7/31/2016
3 Ward 3 Martinez Hall 7/31/2016
4 Ward 4 Robert Patrick 7/31/2018
5 Mayor Joe Jankoski 7/31/2016