Revolving Loan Board

The Revolving Loan Board is authorized to determine applications for loans from the City’s Revolving Loan Fund as may be made by applicants and to insure that all loan application procedures and documentation are strictly complied with. The Revolving Loan Fund was established in order to promote commercial enterprise within the corporate limits of the City of Anniston, thus resulting in an increase in retail sales, the creation of jobs and the preservation, restoration or use of commercial structures within the City. The Revolving Loan Fund is a public sector financing tool designed to stimulate economic growth. The program complements the efforts of private financial lenders. The goal is to create jobs and support capital formation in the private sector.

The Board is comprised of five (5) members who are all appointed by the City Council. The Board meets as needed.

Board Positions Nominations Name Exp. Date
1 Ward 1 Sheffton Goodson 10/4/2016
2 Ward 2 Frank Carlisle 10/4/2007
3 Ward 3 Mary Harrington 10/4/2013
4 Ward 4 Jason Alderman 10/4/2015
5 Mayor Tolisa Watkins 10/4/2013