Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Board

The Parks, Recreation & Beautification Board serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council to recommend improvements to park and recreation programs. The Board is charged to stimulate public interest in the development and maintenance of parks and playgrounds, to promote close cooperation between the City and private citizens so that all park and recreational facilities are used to their maximum benefit, and make recommendations regarding the appearance, beautification, and environment of the city. This Board works with the Parks and Recreation Department in the development and implementation of a comprehensive recreation program, a comprehensive park development program, beautification programs, and the general appearance of the city.

The Board is comprised of nine (9) members who are all appointed by the City Council. The Board meets the third Tuesday of each month.

Board Positions Nominations Name Exp. Date
1 Ward 1 Rhonda Griffith 11/30/2016
2 Ward 2 Nathaniel Davis 11/30/2014
3 Ward 3 Derrick Foster 11/30/2016
4 Ward 4 Mack Huckaby 11/30/2016
5 Mayor William Golden 11/30/2016
6 Ward 1 Matthew Wright 11/30/2015
7 Ward 2 Alice Easley 11/30/2014
8 Ward 3 Richard Logan 11/30/2016
9 Ward 4 Jim Miller 11/30/2016