Historic Preservation Commission

This Commission is charged with promoting the educational, economic, cultural and general welfare of the City through the preservation and protection of buildings, sites, structures, areas and districts of historic significance and interest. This Commission helps to facilitate a system for the designation, protection, preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties in historic districts, and to participate in federal and state programs created and designed to achieve the same goals in the City. The HPC has many functions such as recommending to the City Council specific places, districts, sites, buildings, structures or objects to be designated as historic properties or districts. The HPC is authorized to develop and conduct educational programs on historic properties located within the city and on general historic preservation activities.

The Commission is comprised of nine (9) members who are all appointed by the City Council. The Board meets as needed. The Commission meets the third Thursday of each month.

Board Positions Nominations Exp. Date
1 Ward 1 12/31/2013
2 Ward 2 12/31/2012
3 Ward 3 12/31/2013
4 Ward 4 12/31/2015
5 Mayor 12/31/2014
6 Ward 1 12/31/2014
7 Ward 2 12/31/2013
8 Ward 3 12/31/2015
9 Ward 4 12/31/2013