Anniston-Calhoun County Library Board

A joint city-county library service was established for the City of Anniston and Calhoun County for the purpose of operating and maintaining a free public library for the use of citizens of said city and county as authorized and provided by Section 11-90-4 of the Code of Alabama 1975 and its predecessor, Section 288, Title 55, Code of Alabama, Recompiled 1958. The government control and supervision of the joint library service is vested in a joint library board. The Board controls the expenditures of all funds received or appropriated for the library. The Board provides a system of library service made easily available to citizens of the City and County. The Board also elects a librarian and other employees.

 The Board is comprised of five (5) members – three (3) appointed by the City Council and two (2) appointed by Calhoun County. The Board meets the last Tuesday of each month.

Board Positions Nominations Name Exp. Date
1 Mayor Jerry Oglesby 10/31/2018
2 Ward 3 Wanda Hall 10/31/2017
3 Ward 4 Nan Williams 10/31/2018
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