Anniston Police Citizen's Advisory Committee

The Anniston Police Citizen’s Advisory Committee has been established to foster better communication between local law enforcement and the Anniston community. Meetings are held regularly at locations across the City and serve as a place for residents to bring their concerns to the Committee and local law enforcement officials face-to-face.

APCAC members are appointed by the Anniston City Council. They are: David Baker, Carol Bush, Marcus Dunn, General Jackson, Phillip Keith, and Maggie Burn Owens. 


David Baker
(256) 283-8323

“We have been charged with the task of bringing trust back to the community and police department. It’s going to take both the community and police department to make a better change in terms of community policing and communication.”


Carol Bush
Director of the Wiggins Community Center
City of Anniston PARD
(256) 231-7628

“I wish to aide in restoring and rebuilding the relationship between the citizens (communities) and the Anniston Police Department in an attempt to establish bi-directional communication and a higher level of respect that will create unity.”


Marcus Dunn, Sr.
Senior Pastor

Kingdom Place Ministries

(256) 820-2804

"My desire is that as a member of the APCAC, our committee will be the bridge that connects the Anniston Police Department and our community together, so both parties can reason with one another."


General Jackson


Phillip Keith
Safety & Youth Coordinator
Anniston Housing Authority
(256) 236-1575 ext. 123

"I will serve as a liaison between the police department and community to help build stronger and better relationship between them. I will advocate for programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the police and community."


Maggie Burn Owens
Director of Operations
YMCA of Calhoun County
(256) 238-9622 (YMCA) 

“As a member of the APCAC I hope that as a committee we can bridge the gap of communication between the community and the Anniston Police Department.”