Department of Economic Development

The goal of the Anniston Economic Development Department is to grow jobs and new wealth within the City of Anniston.

The Anniston Department of Economic Development assists companies in corporate, manufacturing, and retail development.  Our economic development department is proactive and targeted on business sectors based on our workforce and resource strengths.

In Anniston, we desire to grow our business base through the creative use of real estate development practices in addition to continuing to provide quality infrastructure for our businesses. Our priorities will be extended toward value-added projects that bring in wealth from outside of the Anniston Region.

In addition to Corporate Development, the Department of Economic Development is also engaged in retail and downtown development.  Plans are underway to follow the best practices to take the downtown in around Noble Street and bring new dollars to its development with

We embrace that we are a part of a greater region along Interstate 20 and that many of the businesses that are located in Anniston depend on the vast resources which are located in Anniston and our neighboring communities.

We invite you to contact our office for more details on your site search in the City of Anniston.

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City of Anniston Department of Economic Development
1128 Gurnee Avenue
Anniston, AL 36201

Toby Bennington, Director of Economic Development and City Planning
Phone: (256) 241-7162

Meredith Strain, Economic Development Project Manager
Phone: (256) 231-7704