Commercial Development Authority

The Commercial Development Authority can acquire, own, and lease projects for the purpose of promoting trade and commerce by inducing commercial enterprises to locate new facilities in the City of Anniston and expand existing facilities in the City of Anniston. It is intended that each project be self-liquidating. This authority finances, constructs, and leases projects for industrial or commercial development using tax exempt bonds. The Authority partnering with the City strives to create economic development opportunities that expand the tax base of our community. The Commercial Development Authority cannot operate any commercial enterprise.

Five member board all appointed by the City Council. Meets as needed.

Board Positions Nominations Name Exp. Date
1 Ward 1 Darrell Sanders 3/15/2019
2 Ward 2 Allen Roberts 3/15/2015
3 Ward 3 Rod Lemon 3/15/2017
4 Ward 4   3/15/2017
5 Mayor Debra Foster 3/15/2017