For Your Information (FYI) Series

The For Your Information (FYI) Series was created to educate the general public about the daily responsibilities of their local government.  Every division, department, board, and commission under the City of Anniston has one goal: improving the quality of life for all citizens. Here, the Anniston community can receive helpful information that will give them a better understanding of how their city government runs and operates.  For any questions, inquiries, or suggestions of any topics that have not yet been covered by this FYI series please contact the City of Anniston's Public Information Officer Aziza Jackson at (256) 231-7722, or via email at
FYI #1: The Council-Manager Form of Local Government
FYI #2: What You Need to Know About Stormwater User Fees
FYI #3: A Look at the FY 2015 Proposed Budget
FYI #4: Know Your Ward
FYI #5: Business Licenses & Rentals: Enforcing the City of Anniston’s Business License and Privilege Tax Ordinance
FYI #6: City of Anniston Assistance Center
FYI #7: Meet Our Departments
FYI #8: Proposed Cable One, Inc. Franchise Agreement