Council Member David Reddick

  David E. Reddick
  Council Member Ward 2
  P.O. Box 2168
  Anniston, AL  36202


Councilman David E. Reddick is a native Annistonian.  Soon after graduating Anniston High School, he went active duty in the US Navy where he served over six years.  While in the Navy he specialized in aviation ordinance, weapons systems checks and repair, and intermediate systems maintenance of the F/A-18 hornet aircraft.  While on active duty Mr. Reddick received many awards including “The Stand-Out Warrior Award” for quick action that helped save the lives of his co-workers and himself. 
Mr. Reddick attended Jacksonville State University where he served as sound engineer for the JSU Gospel Choir and the Show Choir; he also has done sound and video editing for the JSU Drama Department.  He also engages in public speaking and has spoken to groups near and far, from Alabama to California, in different venues and about various subjects. 

He is the former host of “Real Talk TV” and former co-host of “Can U Relate,” two cable television shows created to enable, give direction and information to the youth and the community.  Mr. Reddick is the past president of Anniston-Calhoun County NAACP #5002.  He is a member of “Pot of Manna” Masonic Order, the American Legion and other philanthropic and civil organizations. 
Mr. Reddick currently serves as Anniston City Councilman of Ward 2.  He enjoys being able to serve the citizens of Anniston. He has served in office since November 2012 and has proven himself to be a strong, intelligent and caring leader dedicated to Anniston’s children, senior citizens, and everyone in-between.  He is the hands-on approachable type of leader that believes in being in the trenches with the workers of the city, and advocates for all those who may feel they don’t have a voice.  

The Roman virtues (Auctoritas) "Spiritual Authority," (Comitas) "Humor," (Gravitas) "Gravity," (Clementia) "Mercy," and (Dignitas) "Dignity," are amongst the virtues that he holds dear both personally and politically.
Much like Augustus Caesar, Reddick believes in living a modest life and is dedicated to bringing peace and justice to and between people of all races, religions, and financial standings in our society.