Firefighter Memorials


  In Memory Of Those Members Of The Anniston

  Fire Department Who Have Given Their Lives In

  The Line Of Duty-


Captain Bert M. Cole-  December 25, 1945

Captain Cole was in command of Fire Station #4, then located on West 15th Street.  In the early morning hours of Christmas Day 1945, the 27 year veteran, along with his engine company responded to a fire at the Commercial National Bank at 1130 Noble Street.

What is now thought to have been a backdraft occurred around 2 am.  A portion of the rear wall collapsed instantly killing Cole making him the first Anniston firefighter to die in the line of duty.  He was buried at Anniston's Edgemont Cemetery with full honors.


Firefighter Frank Walters-  November 8, 1953

On November 3, 1953, a non-fire related incident on Noble Street, between 11th and 12th Streets, claimed the life of Firefighter Walters.  He and another firefighter were standing on the extended aerial ladder of the department's ladder truck.  They were attempting to hang a banner across Noble Street urging people to vote in the upcoming election.

A truck transporting ammunition from the Anniston Ordnance Depot struck their truck causing Walters to fall.  He struck both the pavement and a parked car below.  Firefighter Walters died from his injuries five days later on November 8th.

Walters had recently resigned from the department and was working out his notice at the time of the incident.


Firefighter Jimmy Walker-  April 9, 1967

Rookie firefighter Jimmy Walker had been on the job less than 2 months when he became the third Anniston firefighter killed in the line of duty.

On the night of April 9, 1967, Walker, along with another firefighter, answered a call for assistance from the Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department.  The volunteers were fighting a fire involving the childhood home of Confederate Major John Pelham.

At the scene, the brakes on the Anniston fire truck locked.  Walker was attempting to unlock them from underneath the truck when it rolled over him.

Firefighter Walker's wife was the first widow of a fallen firefighter to receive Alabama's newly created death benefit awarded to survivors of firefighters killed in the line of duty.