Rental Property Inspections
The enforcement of  the rental property inspections will begin on October 1, 2010. All inspections have to be paid for at the time of scheduling the inspection. The cost is $50.00 (fifty dollars) for the initial inspection by the City of Anniston; the cost is $10.00 (ten dollars) if the inspection is scheduled with a City of Anniston approved outside inspector.

Pay inspection fee on line by clicking the link below:

Tana Bryant
Code Enforcement Officer
Building Inspection Services Division

Anniston Rental Ordinance

Listed below are the items that will be inspected:

Exterior Inspection

Accessory Structures (Detached Storage Bldgs./Garages)
Exterior Walls (Rotted/Missing boards)
Stairs, Porches, and Balconies
Protective Railings, handrails, and guards
Windows (Broken/Openable/Not Provided)
Screens (Missing/Damaged)
Exterior Doors (Front/Side/Rear)
Structural Supports

Interior Inspection

Interior Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
Interior Doors
Accumulation of Rubbish or Garbage
Food Preparation purposes (Kitchen Cabinets/Stove/Refrigerator)
Plumbing Systems and Fixtures
Water Heating Facilities
Heating Facilities
Electric Lights and Outlets
Smoke Detector Systems